There's a Twitter virus going around and if you've reached this page you've probably got it. It posts automatically for you, advertising to all of your friends and attempts to infect them too. This article will show you how you got it and what to do about it.




It begins with a tweet that looks innocent enough:

Once you click the link you're taken to what appears to be a Twitter login page. At this point most people would simply enter their username and password and sign in. But this is where the trouble starts.

If you look more closely, this is not the main Twitter site. Look at the URL: It's fake. There are also other signs that the page is fake, like the search not working and other little hints.


So this is how you got infected. Now the question is, what to do about it? Change your password and revoke access to all unknown applications.

To revoke access to applications do the following:

Click on your username and settings

Click on Applications

Find all unknown or unused applications and click Revoke Access next to them

You're all set. Your friends should stop receiving SPAM messages from you.