I'm happy to announce that mousepatch's local chicago page is now up! Being that we're based in Chicago, this is going to be the first market that we operate in locally. So if you live in Chicago and you need IT Consultants or Computer Repair Services, then please go take a look.

Our local services are pretty awesome (I know, I may be a little biased). Most places make you unplug your computer, lug it all the way down to who knows where, find parking, wait in line, explain your problem to someone who may or may not feel like bing at work that day, and then go home, all so you can do it again another day when you get to pick the computer up. Not us! All you have to do is call, email, or schedule an appointment online and we show up at your doorstep to pick your computer up. We take it to our lab for you, fix it and then bring it back good as new. Once you try it our way, you will never do it the other way again.

So again, one last shameless plug. I'll keep it short and sweet:

If you live in Chicago then click here. :)

Thanks for listening